Acqua AE-MF 1 (USED)

Product Description

Acqua AE-MF 1 (USED)

Manufacturer: Acqua Electronics
Model: AE-MF 1
Qty: 1
Condition: USED, perfect working and cosmetic condition

Acqua Conversion System: (2 x SDI Video Format converter + 1x SDI audio embedded)
The chassis AE-MF1 provides mechanical support and allows operation and control of the various components of the modular line of Acqua Electronics . It has an LCD display and two pushbuttons: a selection and the other control. When turned on, detects and recognizes the frame modules connected to it and turning signals corresponding button on the keyboard selection. The color of the button allows easy recognition of the type of equipment housed in the frame and each of the functions are encoded precisely by color. In addition, the first level of the main menu can also be observed configuration and components. Once you choose the module to control by pressing the corresponding button on the keyboard, the unit is operated by browsing through the keypad menu control.



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