DEV 2180 L-Band Distribution System (USED)

Versatile 4 RU Chassis which can be equipped individually
Various L-Band Distribution Amplifier (DA) Options and
Matrix Switch Options are available
Inputs and Outputs are available in 50 Ohm (DA Options) and
75 Ohm (DA Options and Matrix Switch Options)
LNB Bias Feeding, Monitoring Output and RF Sensing for each Amplifier Module
Bias Current Monitoring Option with Alarm Function
Redundant AC or DC Power Supplies with Status Alarm
Application Areas:
Large Cable Head End Stations
Large Satellite Ground Stations
Play Out Centres

Product Description

DEV 2180 L-Band Distribution System (USED)
Manufacturer: DEV
Model: 2180
Quantity: 2 units in stock
Condition: USED (tested, in good working condition)
Delivery: Immediate
Description: Dev 2180 L Band Amplifiers - Dual PSU Chassis / Option 33                  
                       BIAS Current Monitoring, 4 x DEV 13-0058 - L-Band SMA IN / 4 x F Out - L Band Amp

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