Advantech Intrac 305, Antenna Control Unit (USED)

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Advantech Intrac 305, Antenna Control Unit
Make: Advantech
Model: Intrac 305
Quantity: 1 unit in stock  
Condition – USED (Tested in good working condition)
Description: Advantech Intrac 305, Antenna Control Unit

Product Description

The INTRAC™ 305 Antenna Control Unit enables satellite earth station antennas to accurately track geosynchronous satellites with orbital inclinations up to and beyond 10°. The unit offers superior tracking integrity with C- or Ku-Band antennas up to 9.3 meters in diameter. The control unit uses the INTRAC (Intelligent Tracking Antenna Control) algorithm which has been developed and refined over a 20-year period. It offers exceptional immunity to propagation disturbances and fades, maintaining reliable pointing accuracy even at low angles of elevation in regions of high scintillation.
The INTRAC 305 is compatible with INTELSAT and EUTELSAT SCPC tracking specifications. It is able to tolerate signal fluctuations that defeat step track and memory track controllers and is resilient to loss of tracking signal, the unit will maintain tracking integrity for blackout periods up to 72 hours. The non-volatile memory ensures that accurate tracking is resumed after power failure.
The unit is plug compatible with the, discontinued, Andrew™ APC300 controller and interfaces directly to existing Andrew drive cabinets and resolvers. It features full remote monitoring and control via a configurable RS232 / RS422 interface and supports a wide range of front panel selectable operating modes, including satellite acquisition and operation in program track mode using INTELSAT IESS-412 or NORAD data.
The INTRAC 305 features a large, multi-line electroluminescent display and can, as an option, be supplied with an internal L-Band beacon receiver (IBR-L).

Data Sheet: advantech INTRAC 305 ACU

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