Comtech CMR-6000 DVB-S2 Media Router (USED)

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Comtech CMR-6000 DVB-S2 Media Router (USED) 
Manufacturer: Comtech Ef Data 
Model: CMR-6000
 Quantity: 4 unit in stock 
Condition: 2 units used + 2 units never used - tested, in good working condition (as new) 
Delivery: Immediate 

Product Description

General Description: 
The Media Router 6000 (CMR-6000) enables the reception of DVB-S and DVB-S2 transport streams and IP-based multimedia (video, audio and data) content to be delivered over satellite or high-speed ASI links and distributed to remote devices. Supporting MPE and MPEG-2 TS (Transport Stream), the Media Router 6000 facilitates standard data broadcasts, as well as the transport of MPEG-2 video service over IP. Based on a 1RU platform, the Media Router 6000 has ASI and DVB-S/S2 inputs, and ASI and Ethernet outputs. The interfaces are configured using FAST codes, allowing users to initially purchase a basic set of features, and unlock other features and interfaces as requirements evolve. The CMR-6000 is unique, since it provides DVB-S/S2 input, ASI filtering and multiplexing, and MPEG-TS to IP, all in one package.

Data Sheet: Comtech CMR-6000 router 

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