Advantech 1.3M POLARIS K-Class Drive-Away VSAT Antenna (NEW)

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Advantech 1.3M POLARIS K-Class Drive-Away VSAT Antenna (NEW O.E.M)
*New* Drive-Away VSAT Antenna POLARIS K-Class


· 1.30m Carbon Fiber Reflector options
· Exceptionally low side lobes and cross-polarization, Intelsat and Eutelsat Compliant
· Patent PendingNext Generation Roto-Lok® Rotary Drive System
· Roto-LokTM Removable Cartridge Drive System
· Zero Backlash
· Low Friction, Smooth, Quiet, No Maintenance Drives
· Integrated Auto-Pointing IPOINTTM Controller, or separate Indoor Controller options
· Acquires the satellite in < 3 minutes
· Simple Operation – Requires no Satellite Communication Expertise
· Full Accessibility to all Internals from Top of System
· Accepts Various Antenna Sizes, Redundant Amplifier Setups, and Control Platform
· Low cost, high performance and reliable satellite acquisition
· Ultra-Compact
· Optional X-Band or Ka-Band Reflectors and Feeds


The POLARIS130KTM antennas are high quality roof mount systems. These antennas encompass the Roto-Lok® drive control, positioning hardware and amplifier into the antenna enclosure, making the system a robust standalone sub-assembly ready to install onto almost any vehicle.

The system is simple to install, set up and use. Following relocation of the antenna, the system will reliably and accurately locate and lock on to the designated traffic satellite rapidly within minutes. The IPOINTTM Auto Acquisition Controller uses industry standard position transducers and a sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm to confirm and refine its heading information using visible satellites. The controller is mounted on the antenna structure with a separate control panel with integral power supply and in a rack mount unit for mounting within the equipment area.

The Polaris Antenna System use the Next Generation Removable Roto-Lok® Cartridge Drive System, specifically designed for no maintenance, ease of repair, and zero backlash.

Combined with the New Generation of High Power GaN based SSPAs, the Polaris class of antennas offer the ultimate solution for the Broadcast Applications. Redundant SSPA Systems, up to 250W Ku-band, can be easily installed directly on the boom, in a cost efficient, and performing way.


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