AVL 1.2m Mobile VSAT Antenna (NEW O.E.M)

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Company/Make: AvL Technologies
Product: AvL (NEW O.E.M)
AVL 1.2m Motorised Vehicular Antenna (NEW O.E.M)
Condition: New from original equipment manufacturer
Warranty: 12 months electrical, 24 months mechanical from AvL

MVSAT Intro:
The mvsat antennas are offered with an integrated fully automatic satellite acquisition controller as standard. The controller has integrated GPS, compass, level sensing and compensation, acquisition receiver and embedded software. The single push button operation automatically points to the target satellite, acquires and peaks in all three axis, elevation, azimuth and polarisation. No technical skills are required of the operator and there is no requirement for any additional test equipment or for a pc/laptop. The antenna automatically acquires the target satellite without any input from the operator (other than the location of the satellite – which can be pre-entered). The standard controller is offered with a convenient hand held controller interface. As an option we offer a 1RU 19” rack mount alternative.
AvL antennas and controller are completely modem agnostic and can operate completely independently of the satellite modem. Controller offers an output of GPS data that can be used for input reference to the modem. For certain modems that provide a suitable SNR output we are able to use this output as an alternative reference input to the controller (for example our iDirect – direct mode of operation) that allows faster and direct acquisition and peaking on the traffic carrier).


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