Ericsson EN8100 MPEG-2 SD Encoder Module (NEW O.E.M)

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Ericsson EN8100 MPEG-2 SD Encoder Module (NEW O.E.M)


Add New Channels with Ultimate Performance Encoding

The EN8100 brings a high level of encoding performance allowing operators to add additional channels in their existing transmission bandwidth. As well as rack space and power savings the replacement of existing deployed systems with an EN8100 based system would allow up to 5 additional channels in current transmission bandwidth without loss in picture quality.
Efficient Rack Space
For installations where rack space is at a premium, the Video Processor Chassis delivers the highest density of any broadcast quality MPEG-2 encoder solution with up to six EN8100 option modules, halving rack space requirement in comparison to existing deployed systems. This high density enables a rolling upgrade of a headend with minimum spare rack space.
Hot Swap Support and Module Level Redundancy
The EN8100 option module is hot swappable allowing in-field servicing and system expansion without disrupting other on-air channels. Redundancy management under nCompass Control by Ericsson can be both module and chassis based for ultimate resilience without disruption non-failed channels.

Environmental Benefits

A 16 channel system based on the EN8100 consumes half the power of a system based on previous generations of encoders, halving the carbon footprint of your headend.


EN8100 Encoder (VP/HWO/EN8100/ENC, FAZ 101 0118/8)
The SD MPEG-2 encoder option module supports

•Hot swappable
•SDI video input
•Digital AES-EBU and embedded SDI audio input
•MPEG-1 Layer II Audio
•Dolby® Digital (AC-3) 1- 5.1 channel pass-through
•Triple pass fully exhaustive motion estimation
•44 pass compression (advanced RDO) for optimal efficiency
•Support for a wide range of VBI data formats
•Closed caption support input via line 21 or SDI SMPTE 334
•Conversion of EIA 608 to EIA 708 format closed captions
•Control via nCompass Control by Ericsson


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Ericsson EN8100 Mpeg 2 SD encoder module  Ericsson EN8100 Mpeg 2 SD encoder module

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