Ericsson EN8130 MPEG-4 AVC SD Encoder and Re-encoder Module (USED)

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Ericsson EN8130 MPEG-4 AVC SD Encoder and Re-encoder Module (USED)
Manufacturer: Ericsson
Model: EN8130
Quantity: 4 units in stock
Condition: USED
Delivery: immediate after receiving PO and payment
Description: Ericsson EN8130 MPEG-4 AVC SD Enc & Trans (MPEG-4 MP / HP@L3)

Data Sheet: Ericsson EN8130 Data Sheet
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Product Description

The EN8130 is Ericsson’s latest generation of SD MPEG-4 encoder delivering a 15 percent improvement over the previous generation. This allows operators to add one extra channel in six or save one RF channel in five without loss in picture quality.
Efficient Rack Space
For installations where rack space is at a premium, the Video Processor Chassis delivers the highest density of any broadcast quality MPEG-4 encoder solution with up to six EN8130 option modules,halving rack space requirement in comparison to existing deployed systems. This high density enables a rolling upgrade of a headend with minimum spare rack space. The re-encoder variant of the EN7190 is just as space efficient allowing six high quality transcodes per rack unit. 
Hot Swap Support and Module Level Redundancy
The EN81300 option module is hot swappable allowing in-field servicing and system expansion without disrupting other on-air channels.

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Ericsson EN8130 Data Sheet  Ericsson EN8130 Data Sheet