Harmonics Electra 7040, Mpeg4 HD, 4 channel Encoder (USED)

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Harmonics Electra 7040, Mpeg4 HD, 4 channel Encoder (USED)
Manufacturer: Harmonics
Model: Electra 7040
Quantity: 1 unit in stock
Condition: USED
Warranty: 3 Months
Description: The offered Electra 7040 encoder has all licenses related. Configuration: 4x MPEG-4 HD encoder boards with HD-SDI embedded inputs, 2xstereo audio per channel, 4:2:0, 1xcentral processing card, 1xPSU. These encoders are very versatile, they can accommodate between 1-4 channels in once chassis, plus can be equipped with additional cards.
We also have additional cards for these encoders available:
10x Additional AIC dual stereo audio card @ EUR 225. 
10x Additional AHC/RAC multichannel audio card @ EUR 225. 
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Product Description

Harmonic’s Electra® 7000 Encoder is the world’s first 1-RU high definition (HD) encoder with multi-service capability, flexibly delivering multiple full and low resolution services to a range of devices. Designed to address the ever-increasing demand for advanced video and audio services, the high performance Electra 7000 provides up to four channels of superior quality constant bit rate (CBR) or variable bit rate (VBR) MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video. It is the industry’s first HD encoder based on ASIC processing technology and provides a full 30 – 40% compression gain over the first generation of DSP-based MPEG-4 HD encoders. As with most advanced technologies, programmable devices provide faster time-to-market, but as deployment volumes increase, dedicated ASIC processors offers greater performance and density.
With its standard IP interfaces, the Electra 7000 can be easily incorporated into Harmonic’s DiviTrackIP™ closed-loop statistical multiplexing solution. DiviTrackIP provides significant operational advantages and cost benefits by connecting encoders and multiplexers via a switched IP network rather than port-to-port ASI interconnects. As a result, any encoder anywhere in the network can efficiently be part of any multiplex, essentially creating a “virtual headend.”
Backed by Harmonic’s track record of innovation, system interoperability and exceptional support, the Electra 7000 is the most advanced HD encoding platform for IPTV, satellite, video-to-the-handheld, cable or terrestrial applications available today. DTH satellite operators can quickly and efficiently launch new HD services and improve service-carrying capacity with the Electra 7000 by combining several MPEG-4 AVC HD channels in a single statistical multiplex. For telcos and other IP-based service providers, the Electra 7000’s highly bandwidth efficient MPEG-4 CBR encoding and native IP output make it possible to deliver exciting and competitive HD services.

Data Sheet: Harmonic Electra7000_Datasheet

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