Tandberg E5710 Mpeg2 SD (4:2:0/4:2:2) Encoder with IP (USED)


Tandberg E5710 Mpeg2 SD (4:2:0/4:2:2) Encoder with IP (USED)
Manufacturer: Tandberg (Now Ericsson)
Model: E5710
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Condition: USED
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Description: Tandberg E5710 Mpeg 2 SD (4:2:0/4:2:2) Encoder with IP, full software option
License Sheets:  Tandberg E5710 SN 41090
                              Tandberg E5710 SN14024
	         Tandberg E5710 SN TB13398
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Product Description

MPEG-2 Standard Definition Encoder
MPEG-2-based digital video head-ends continue to be a critical part of the encoding landscape for terrestrial, telco, satellite and digital cable service providers. The ability to obtain excellent picture quality at low bit-rates remains the most important performance factor for encoders and is a hallmark of TANDBERG Television’s E5710 MPEG-2 encoder. The E5710 is ideal for real-time broadcast quality encoding, digital video turn-around and efficient video delivery over any last-mile network. The E5710 is a highly reliable and adaptable MPEG-2 encoding platform with an extremely flexible backplane, enabling many options for audio encoding, re-multiplexing and multiple output formats. For service providers with sufficient bandwidth who want to rely on MPEG-2’s outstanding performance and long development history for their television services, the E5710 is the industry gold standard for MPEG-2 encoding, with a myriad of feature upgrades, software licensing options and performance enhancements available.

Outstanding Quality and Market Leading Performance
The E5710 MPEG-2 encoder provides extensive video pre-processing features developed by TANDBERG Television’s world class in-house encoding laboratory in which customers can optimize encoding performance for their specific needs. The E5710’s top performance record, combined with multiple options suitable for a wide range of professional video applications, provide a level of quality and flexibility that is unmatched by the competition.
Upgradeable Hardware and Software Future-proofs Investment
The E5710 features two expansion slots for upgradeable hardware options. These options include MPEG-2 multi-pass encoding or upgrades to MPEG-4 AVC SD and HD encoding with TANDBERG Television’s Intelligent Compression Engine (ICE) version 3, as well as software options that enable a wide variety of different applications. Service providers are not locked-in to legacy technology or single purpose devices as their needs and services change.
Comprehensive Operational Options
The E5710 offers breadth and depth in operational capabilities including Variable Bit-Rate (VBR) and Constant Bit-Rate (CBR) modes, Reflex™ statistical multiplexing and audio capabilities allowing operators to design their ideal encoding system and maximize their bandwidth capacity. For content protection, the E5710 supports both RAS and BISS for secure contribution networks.
Reliable, Efficient Management
The E5710 can be remotely controlled via a web browser and can also be efficiently managed and maintained through integration into TANDBERG Television’s nCompass control system. This scalable system enables reliable, remote management and monitoring, reducing the need for costly, on-site operation.

Data Sheet: Tanberg e5710_v16

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