Tiernan DAC7000 Professional Audio Encoder / Multiplexer (USED)

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Tiernan DAC7000 Professional Audio Encoder / Multiplexer (USED)
Manufacturer: Tiernan
Model: DAC7000
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Condition: USED (tested in perfect working condition)
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Description: Tiernan DAC7000 Professional Audio Encoder / Multiplexer

Data Sheet: Tiernan DAC7000
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Product Description

The DAC7000 allows operators to save space-segment transmitting narrow-band carriers for each audio stream. By connecting a Modem and transmission equipment to a DAC7000, unlimited audio receivers can be added to complete the network and receive the broadcast. Tiernan’s DAC7000 is the most integrated digital audio encoder in our audio line-up and is compatible with all Radyne ComStream legacy audio products including the DAC700 when serving as an encoder.
Industry Standard Encoding
The DAC7000 digitally encodes audio and multiplexes data using industry standard ISO/MPEG Layer II. 7 different audio rates allow the network to select between audio quality and transmission costs. User data along with relay/cue signals can be multiplexed into the encoded audio stream allowing for completely automatic operation at remote sites using the ABR202A, 202 or 200.
SCPC Operation
SCPC (Single Carrier Per Channel) support for networks based on Radyne ComStream’s legacy DAC 700/400 codec and ABR202/200 receiver is provided with the DAC7000. The DAC7000 can be used to replace the encoding functionality of the DAC700 or as an additional encoder in a DAC700/400 installation. The DAC7000 is compatible with popular Modems including the Radyne DMD20 and CM701/601 as well as redundancy switches including the Radyne RCS11, CX101, CX801 and AX801.

Data Sheet: Tiernan DAC7000