Hughes Direcway DW6000 VSAT modem (USED)


DW6000 --DIRECWAY system is a cost effective satellite terminal providing high-speed broadband access to the large enterprise, small/medium enterprise (SME), small office-home office (SOHO), and rural markets. It can supply broadband IP to anywhere in the world and provides highly efficient, two-way satellite services for enterprises of any size. Recognizing the market need for simultaneous support for Internet and other online IP-based applications, HNS designed the DW 6000 terminal to provide users with an easy networking solution to connect multiple computers to broadband access via satellite. The system achieves a high level of functionality with its ability to plug into a variety of external HNS appliances to support voice, legacy protocols and streaming media applications. The DW6000 terminal delivers broadband access to one or multiple users connected to the same satellite terminal. It supports two-way connectivity between the remote units and the Internet and intranet networks. The DW 6000 receives and transmits data through the system's antenna and outdoor electronics, over the satellite, and via the DIRECWAY Network Operations Center. TCP connections can be initiated to or from hosts at the remote locations. Users' intranet communications are secure and isolated from other enterprise intranets and from remotes accessing the "public" Internet operating in the same network.

Product Description

Hughes Direcway DW6000 VSAT modem (USED)
Manufacturer: Hughes
Model: DW 6000
Condition: USED
Quantity: 236
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Remarks: Complete Hughes ku-band set up available with various NJR LNBs, BUC TG2 2W for DW modems & hundreds of Prodelin antennas from 0.89M till 1.2M. 

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