Tandberg iPlex™ IPTV Video Processing Platform (USED)

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Tandberg iPlex™ IPTV Video Processing Platform (USED)
Manufacturer: Tandberg (Now Ericsson)
Model: iPlex (N20001)
Quantity: 1 unit in stock
Condition: USED
Delivery: immediate 
Configuration of this unit:
N20001 - Tandberg iPlex - v1.0
Chassis -x 1
N12010 - 1 x UltaCompression Encoder
N12043 - 1 x UltaCompression Transcoder
N012026 / N12027 (PIP) - 2 x MPEG-4 Advanced Encoder Cards
N011006 - ASI Input Module
N11050 (transrater) or N12022 (PIP Transc) - Option Cards - 1 x 4PAC Video Processing card
N20002 - 2 x Carrier Cards

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Product Description

The TANDBERG iPlex™ is a high density, multi-functional, high performance IPTV video processing platform. It is designed for the unique requirements of telco operators, and is also suitable for cable and satellite operators looking to augment their service delivery using IPTV over DSL infrastructure. The iPlex video processing platform has a compact 1RU form factor with up to 8 encoded or 36 transrated streams, making it an ideal choice for small or large head-end deployments alike. The iPlex supports a comprehensive set of stream processing options, including MPEG-2 SD encoding and transrating, MPEG-4 AVC SD and HD encoding, and MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 transcoding for SD and HD streams. The platform’s modular design allows service providers to upgrade functionality and add new services incrementally, avoiding costly head-end upgrades. The iPlex is also unique in its support of multiple network interfaces and multiple program outputs, allowing it to be deployed in a mixture of Ethernet, ATM, PON or FTTN environments.

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