Advantech 6M Ku-Band A-Line Series Antenna (NEW O.E.M)

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Advantech 6m Ku-Band A-Line Series Antenna (NEW O.E.M)


Advantech Wireless A-Line Series antennas are designed and manufactured in batches with 6-meter Dual-shaped Compact Cassegrain all aluminum reflector antenna for VSAT applications in both C band (Model C3956T) and Ku band (Model K6T).

The A-Line Series C3956T and K6T models adopt a precision-formed reflector mounted on an Az over El pedestal providing necessary stiffness and pointing accuracy required in C and Ku band operation. It is provided with a feed with corrugated horn and OMT and is of optimized R.F. specifications, operates in circular or linear polarization selectable manually and meets any requirements of customers for particular applications.

The A-Line Series C3956T and K6T antennas meet the regulations of CCIR 580-4 and have been approved by ASIASAT, INTELSAT, CHINASAT, etc.

DATA SHEET: Advantech ALINE-6m Antenna

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