Advantech AMT 73L Modem Series DISA CERTIFIED (NEW O.E.M)

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Advantech AMT 73L Modem Series DISA CERTIFIED (NEW O.E.M)



· Data Rates 64kbps – 52Mbps in 1bps steps

· Optional eTPC Rates from 0.5 to 0.92

· eTPC Extends data rate to 110Mbps


· Modem types A, B, D, E & F

· Intelsat and OM-73 (V)/G scrambling

· Optional DVB-S and DVB-SNG

· Physical Engineering Service Channel

· Software Up-gradable

· Built in BERT

· Clock recovery from input data

· Software Defined Radio

· Excellent spurious performance

· Meets 40dBc ACI requirement

· L Band 950 to 2000MHz

· 70/140MHz IF options

· Compliant with IESS 308/309/310

· EIA530/449, HSSI interfaces standard

· G703, 10/100BaseT, DS-3, STS-1 (SONET), LVDS and ASI interfaces optional.

Future option:


· Adaptive coding modulation

· 16APSK, 32APSK with adaptive equalizer

· Pilot assisted demodulation for enhanced carrier recovery

· Applications

· The first modem to be certified with MIL- STD-188-165A. The AMT 73L was designed to fulfil two way satellite communication requirements in Defence Satellite Communications Systems (DSCS).


Based on the Advantech Wireless “Software Defined Radio” architecture, the design ensures unrivalled flexibility and upgrade paths to meet the increasingly demanding requirements now and in the future.

Employing advanced FEC’s, Viterbi, PTCM, Concatenated Reed Solomon & Turbo. eTPC offers gains up to 3.0 dB Eb/No @10-7 BER over previous generation of concatenated Viterbi and Reed-Solomon FEC.

This performance gain can be translated directly into higher data throughput, reduced antenna size or reduced satellite bandwidth, which significantly reduces transponder costs; provides more link margin or decrease antenna cost.

The standard data interfaces are EIA530/499 and HSSI, optional are the IP Gateway

10/100BaseT, G703, DS-3, STS-1 (SONET), LVDS and ASI.

The IP Gateway option is a miniaturized fully fledged IP router designed to give ease of use, support for a wide range of protocols, security and QoS. (See datasheet for full information)

1:1 Redundancy switching is built into the unit as an optional feature. With the addition of an interconnecting control cable between the modems and the switch unit for IF and data interfaces complete redundancy is achieved.

Monitoring and Control via Ethernet using HTTP, Telnet or SNMP V1, and serial interface using packet mode RS485 or terminal mode RS232.

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