Comtech DMD1050 L-Band Satellite Modem Board (NEW O.E.M)

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Comtech DMD1050 L-Band Satellite Modem Board (NEW O.E.M)

Manufacturer: Comtech EF DATA / Radyne
Model: DMD1050
Condition: New from original equipment manufacturer
Location: USA/Netherlands
Warranty: as implied by Comtech on its new equipments.


The DMD1050 L-Band Satellite Modem board offers a complete modem on a compact PCB daughter board. The compact size saves space and offers system engineers greater flexibility integrating the modem board into the host system. With standards including MIL-STD-188-165A, IESS-308, -309, -310, -314/315 and DVB, and covering data rates up to 20 Mbps, the DMD1050 covers virtually all your satellite IP, telecom, video and Internet applications. The extensive list of integrated hardware and software options give you the ability to integrate the modem on many platforms and provide an upgrade path for future networks. Options may be purchased with the product or easily upgraded in the field through the web browser or terminal port. The DMD1050 has an impressive remote accessibility line-up. Remote control via serial RS-232, 10-BaseT SNMP Ethernet or web browser interfaces allow for monitor and control of all the modem’s features.
Compatibility with current modems, such as the DMD20, DMD50, DMD2050, and SLM-5650A are maintained for seamless substitution and addition to your existing systems. The DMD1050 modem board integrates supporting hardware for BUC and LNB. Interconnects allow the user to supply external voltages and 10 MHz Reference for BUC and LNB.

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