Harmonics Prostream 1000, Multiplexer (USED)

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Harmonics Prostream 1000, Multiplexer
Manufacturer: Harmonics
Model: Prostream 1000
Quantity: 2 units in stock
Condition: USED
Warranty: 3 Months
Description: Harmonics Prostream 1000, 1G, stream processing platform for Multiplexing and Scrambling. 
The unit comes with 2 x ASI cards and 1 x GbE IOM card. There are 4xASI inputs per card, therefor the unit has 8 ASI ports in total (all can be individually configured as input or output).
With reference to scrambling - these units were bought with 4 TS scrambling license.
Note though, Prostream 1000 does not have any license verification mechanism for scrambling, and no limitation of available scrambling groups. 
These units were successfully tested with 6 TS scrambling with more than 50 scrambling groups and having a background of Harmonic from early 2000s and after consultation of my lead engineer in the past, we strongly believe that there is no limitation in hardware or software for the number of TS to scramble and/or the number of available scrambling groups. 
Note - These Prostream 1000 does not have any ACE cards inside.

Additional Harmonic IOM-GBE-0002 GbE card with 2 x original copper SFP available @ EUR 660/each.
Additional ASI cards also available @ Euro 250/each
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Product Description

Designed to address the increasing demand for advanced video and audio services, Harmonic’s award-winning ProStream® 1000 stream processing platform is an ideal solution for multiplexing, scrambling, re-encoding and statistical multiplexing of MPEG stream. 
The ProStream 1000 is a modular 1-RU system with five rear panel slots which can be populated with ASI or IP (Gigabit Ethernet) cards. With its standard IP and DVB-ASI input and output interfaces, the ProStream 1000 can be easily incorporated in any existing headend environment and support any digital turnaround architecture. The ProStream 1000’s robust, extensible and highly scalable design supports MPEG remultiplexing functionality, including PID remapping, prioritizing and filtering, insertion and generation of PSI/SI tables, PID multicast and port, socket and service redundancy as well multiple IP sockets containing MPTS and SPTS. This configuration not only reduces rack space and power requirements, but also simplifies network infrastructure while delivering a high-availability solution.
Three IP 100Base-T Ethernet interfaces are available for connection to the conditional access system (CAS) as well as to the management and control network. Through the CAS IP interface the ProStream 1000 communicates with the ECMGs and EMMGs for exchange of control words, ECMs and EMMs.
Conditional Access
The ProStream’s industry-leading SimulCrypt Synchronizer core (SCS) supports DVB SimulCrypt versions 1, 2 and 3, and allows for the simultaneous connection of up to 30 different CAS from different vendors. Fully integrated with all leading CAS vendors and compliant with widely implemented industry protocols, the ProStream 1000 scrambling technology is known in the industry for its stability, and high performance.
The ProStream 1000 IP and ASI scrambling technology is designed to multiplex, re-encode SD MPEG-2 and scramble any format of video, audio and data elementary streams (e.g. MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, AC-3, AAC, AACPlus). The solution easily integrates into existing or new architectures, and reduces cost and complexity by eliminating the need for multiple devices or software-based IP scrambling solutions in distributed cable, satellite or telecom networks.

For more technical details, please see Data Sheet: Harmonic MUX ProStream_1000

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