Newtec Sat3Play IP Broadband HUB (USED)

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Newtec Sat3Play IP Broadband HUB (USED)
Manufacturer: Newtec
Model: SAT3Play (S3P) HUB
Quantity: 1 hub in stock
Condition: USED (tested in perfect working condition)
Delivery: TBD after receiving confirmation and advance payment
Description: Newtec Sat3Play (S3P) VSAT hub platform purchased fully licensed in 2014
Software installed on the hub servers will be included
Licenses and support will need to be purchased separately (between buyer and Newtec)
Inspection/test of the HUB is possible, prior to purchase.
Location: Johannesburg
List of equipment: Newtec S3P hub equipment

Product Description

The Sat3Play platform is an all IP communication platform supporting different IP services like internet access, VoIP, enterprise connectivity and multicasting. It has been de-signed in order to be highly scalable for both traffic and management aspects. The platform consists of an IP Broadband Hub and multiple remote modems.
The platform offers:
  • “Pay as you grow” modularity
  • Support for multiple Virtual Network Operators
  • Carrier grade infrastructure with hot redundancy
  • Rapid network deployment
  • Optimal availability and efficiency
The Sat3Play® IP Broadband Hub provides the entire required infrastructure to receive and transmit IP data from and to the remote terminals. It includes support for multi-gateway and multi-spotbeam configurations.

The Hub manages the services offered to the customers in terms of Quality of Service, security and terminal population. It provides connectivity to the internet, private data networks, SIP or PSTN networks. The core component of the system is the Hub, which transmits a DVB-S2 carrier with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) for the forward link received by all remote terminals. The remote terminals use MF-TDMA channels to communicate with the Hub.

A Hub consists of one or more carrier blades including all equipment for the forward link, the corresponding return links and all additional traffic shaping and acceleration functionality. A carrier blade can be operated on Ka-, Ku-, C- or any other frequency band.

Data Sheet: Newtec sat3play-ip-broadband-hub

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