Fiat Olympus TDS B3 DSNG Van with 3.3M Ku-band Antenna (USED)

€55,000.00 €45,000.00

Product Description

Fiat Olympus TDS B3 DSNG Van with 3.3M Ku-band Antenna (USED)
Truck type: FIAT 145.17
Left hand drive (Europe)
DSNG Ex-telespazio named: TDS-B3. 
Truck Size – Length: 9.30M, width: 2,50M, Height: 2,80M 
Weight: 14.5 Ton 
KM: 82.000 (approx.) 
Present condition: Engine fine not any problems, Power 130 KW, including built in motor generator 380 VAC power.
General details:  
This machine has a built in antenna of 3.3M able for Ku-band (Cicular and linear) 
Made in only one pieces of reinforced special aluminium from Alenia Spazio (the same company that build antennas for in orbit satellites). 
It has an internal tri-phase generator at 400 VAC 50 Kva. 
It has an internal room of  8 square meters with n.6 rack standard 19" 80 unities each. 
An UPS group of 50 Kva (to be refurbished). 
It has been fully revised in 2014 for ride on any highway. 
Inspection and any test before purchase is possible. 
Delivery: immediate after receiving payment

Everything is integrated, Antenna, Truck full axis motorized without remote controller only manual unit, and Linear transmission. 
Ups is to be refurbished, but generator alternator connected with engine due gear box 50 Kva and it works fine.
Plus, it has 2 x air chiller conditioner to be serviced (but working), 4 x hydraulic stabilizer and cover up antenna motorized. 
It has internal 8 square meter space
6 x 19 " standard rack and one for UPS and its batteries are included (but needs to be refurbished)
Also there are additional equipment still working, like: pressuriser RF wave guide switch and other, like manual AZ/EL motor dish. 
It has 3 seats – 1 driver + 2 x passengers.
Drive cabin is in contact with equipment rooms.
It was built by FIAT and make up by BARIBBI,
It has been revised last August 20 2014 and it get clearance for run on any highway.    

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