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Tandberg TT4030 Transport Stream Analyzer (USED)

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Tandberg TT4030 Transport Stream Analyzer (USED)
Manufacturer: Tandberg (Now Ericsson)
Model: TT4030
Quantity: 1 unit in stock
Condition: USED
Delivery: immediate 
Description: TT4030, Transport Stream Analyser / SteramTracker, T004 / SW B1 - Unit no. 5000

Data Sheet: Tandberg TT4130
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Product Description

The TANDBERG TT4030 StreamTracker can be used to continuously monitoring any DVB/ATSC Transport Stream. The StreamTracker can be installed in critical points along the transmission chain to detect and locate errors in order to keep the quality of service as high as possible. The web based user interface allows the units to be remotely controlled from any computer supporting a web browser. They also feature SNMP alarm reporting to top-level network management systems, like TANDBERG’s nCompass Monitoring, making it ideal as a watchdog in large-scale monitoring systems. 
Standard features include:
  • Supports both DVB and ATSC specifications
  • Modulation measurements for RF inputs
  • Error detection according to ETR290 specification
  • Bit-rate alarms
  • TS / Service / PID analysis
  • PSI / SI (DVB) and PSIP (ATSC) table analysis
  • User friendly remote control from WEB browser
  • Internal alarm / event logging
  • Alarm relay


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