E2V Stellar N6318, 180W Ku-band Outdoor TWTA with BUC (Refurbished)

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E2V Stellar N6318, 180W Ku-band Outdoor TWTA with BUC 
Manufacturer: E2V / Spacepath
Model: N6318
Quantity: 1 unit in stock
Condition: Refurbished with NEW TWT
Warranty: 1 year
Delivery: 2 weeks
Description: “Refurbished” E2V N6318, 180W (13.75-14.50 GHz) outdoor TWTA with V/Gain, BUC and 10MHz Ref.
*This unit is fitted with a brand new TWT, thus we would provide a 12 months warranty on this amplifier.
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Product Description

E2V N6318 outdoor TWTA
*Fully Weatherproof Allows exposed mounting in mobile applications.
* Ruggedized Designed specifically for use in antenna mount applications.
* Lightweight Weighs less than 12 kg.
* EMC Complies with current worldwide specifications.
* Power Factor Correction Broad input voltage range allows connection to portable or mains supplies worldwide.
* Reliable Designed and built to provide a high level of reliability in all applications, from fixed ground base to flyaway systems.
* Digital Operation Designed for digital and analogue satellite communications, meeting the requirements of Intelsat and Eutelsat uplink specifications.
* Redundant Control Contains all the necessary control and drive requirements to implement a basic waveguide switch based redundant system.
* Stand Alone Setting A selectable facility that automatically sequences the unit to the transmit mode, upon application of the mains power. This reduces the complexity of control requirements for ‘blackbox’ applications.
* RF Circuit Includes RF input isolation RF output isolation, receiver rejection filter and harmonic filter as standard.
The amplifiers can be simply deployed anywhere in the world, are user friendly, and incorporate a comprehensive remote-control facility as standard, including RS485.

*For more details, please see data sheet: E2V 180w ku-twta-n6318
                                                                         E2V stellar n63xx series manual

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