Advantech S4020 Receive-Only Terminals (NEW O.E.M)

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Product Description

Advantech S4020 Receive-Only Terminals (NEW O.E.M)


· Exceptional Flexibility
· Remotely Upgradeable
· 36 Mbps Sustained Throughput
· Small Footprint
· DVB-S/DVB-S2 Compliant
· RJ45 10/100Base T Ethernet Interface
· Received data available to any Host on the LAN
· PID Filtering or Unlimited PIDs
· Application Transparent


Model S4020 ROT is perfectly suited for consumer, or small-medium enterprise, or education use, delivering IP based applications like distance education, file distribution, streaming content, Internet over satellite and broadcast TV to a single host or to a network of hosts. The ROT can also easily be used for embedded or special function applications that require low-level access to the DVB transport stream.

Outdoor Unit

The ROT is offered with a number of antennas, including:
· Ku Receive-only 0.75meter metal antenna reflector, with offset, linear feed
· Ku LNBF, integrated with feed
· Side wall mount


As a DVB-S and DVB-S2 receiver, the Model S4020 Receive Only Terminal (ROT) offered by Advantech Wireless brings superior throughput performance and flexibility to a very cost-effective solution.

The ROT unit enables delivery of the next generation of broadband services. Its RJ45 Ethernet connection provides powerful and distinct installation, performance, and maintenance advantages over other form factors. Installation of the ROT is easy and non-invasive as the host equipment does not need to be opened, nor are any drivers required.

The ROT IDU works with any operating system and makes the received data available to any host on the LAN. The ability to forward unicast IP, or raw DVB, such as broadcast television, over IP onto the LAN provides powerful flexibility to the user. Throughput performance and functionality exceeds comparable offerings, making the ROT an exceptional value in its class.

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Advantech S4020 Receive-Only Terminals  Advantech S4020 Receive-Only Terminals

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