Advantech S5120 ACM DVB-RCS VSAT Terminals (NEW O.E.M)

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Advantech S5120 ACM DVB-RCS VSAT Terminals (NEW O.E.M)


· DVB-S2 (CCM,VCM,ACM)/S receive up to 155 Mbps (hub to remote) with Ethernet throughput up to 40 Mbps
· Up to 8 Mbps transmit (remote to hub)
· GUI-based control panel
· Easy-to-configure Ethernet connectivity to your PC, LAN or Router
· On-board TCP and HTTP acceleration, and compression
· Application QoS, VoIP support
· VPN and accelerated VPN support (optional)
· VLAN support
· GPS input port
· Simple installation
· 19 inch 1U rack mountable
· Automatic BUC disable for low power applications


· Internet/Intranet Access
· Email, File Transfer
· Video Conferencing
· VoIP
· Video Streaming
· Backup Services
· Private Networking
· Video-On-Demand
· Distance Learning


Advantech Wireless S5120 VSAT terminals are DVB-RCS compliant. The S5120 fully supports DVB-S2 ACM/VCM capability. They are optimized to achieve high-performance and quick response time for enterprise and governmental applications.

The terminal has been designed with all key IP features to fulfill all the needs of an enterprise. The 19-inch rack mountable form factor makes it ideal for high end use. Thousands of the S5120 VSAT terminals can populate a satellite network managed via a DVB-RCS compliant hub in a teleport. The DVB-RCS compliance allows for other vendors’ terminals to interoperate with the DVB-RCS terminals in the same network or with other vendors’ hubs.

The S5120 offers powerful connectivity directly to the LAN/WAN environment or directly to a host computer. A truly corporate solution, it is an out-of-the-box, ready-to-go, cost-effective broadband solution. For DVB-RCS applications and for high end government and enterprise use, the S5120 allows the optimized use of satellite bandwidth. Designed to support unicast or broadcast traf­fic up to 155 Mbps on the forward link (hub to remote terminal), with the choice of standardized DVB-S2 (CCM, VCM, ACM) or DVB-S transmissions, and up to 8 Mbps transmission on the return link (remote terminal to hub) the S5120 is ideally suited for all needs.

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Advantech S5120 ACM DVB-RCS VSAT Terminals  Advantech S5120 ACM DVB-RCS VSAT Terminals

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