NortelDas Ku-band (12.75-14.5Ghz) Indoor Up-Converters (USED)

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NortelDas Ku-band (12.75-14.5Ghz) Indoor up-converters

Make: NortelDas
Model: 1HE Upconverter 30Ku
Quantity: 2 Units in stock
Condition: USED (in good working condition)
Delivery: 1 week after receiving payment
Description: NortelDas Ku-band (12.75-14.5Ghz) Indoor up-converter, built for extreme frequency accuracy and stability

The original Operation and Service Manual states following specs:

  • Input 70 +/- 20 MHz,
  • Output 12.75-14.5 GHz
  • Extreme high output-stability ( +/- 0.25dB / 24h)
  • Extreme frequency-stability (50Hz / 24h)
  • External 10MHz Ref is possible, but not needed.
  • Upconverters are 100% in order but are sold in as in condition without warranty.
  • Inspection/test of the units are possible prior to purchase
  • Handbook/manual available.

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