Terrasat 200W Ext. C-band IBUC (USED)

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Terrasat 200W Ext. C-band IBUC with PSU

Manufacturer: Terrasat
Model: IBUC – High Power C-Band Intelligent Block Upconverter Part no: IBUC058064-1482001
Quantity: 1 unit in stock
Condition: USED (in perfect working condition)
Description: Terrasat 200W Ext. C-band (5.85-6.725 GHz) IBUC with PSU BUC Input: L-band, 10Mhz, FSK, 48VDC / BUC Output – 5.850-6.725 Ghz, 200W PSU P/N: PSUI-948-1200-4 PSU Input: 200-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz / PSU Output 49 VDC

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