Patriot 1.2M Ku-band flyaway system (USED)

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Patriot 1.2M Ku-band Flyaway System
Manufacturer: Patriot / Xicom / Scopus
Model: TXFLY-120KU / XTU-200K, XTC100D (controller) / E1720/E17170
Quantity: 1 system
Condition: USED (in good working condition)
Description: Patriot TXFLY-120KU flyaway system incluidng 1.2M ku-badn Flyaway antenna + feed + OMT + 3ft waveguide (without cases), HPA Xicom XTU200K, 200W Ku-band (13.75 – 14.5 GHz) TWTA with integral BUC, Xicom XTC100D Single Thread Controller for use HPA XTU200K, 5Meter Interconnect Cable between Amplifier and controller, DSNG Encoders – E-1720/1710 MPEG-2, SD, Internal and external 10MHz, integrate L-Band and IF output.
All equipment’s in working condition
Last transmission was in April 2019
Antenna is Tx-Rx, made with 2 pieces reflector aluminium and the tripod Dural
HPA hour information etc. can be seen in pictures
Encoder E-1720 Mpeg2 SD with modulator DVB-S, output L-Band
Encoder E-1710 Mpeg2 SD with Modulator DVB-S, output IF

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