Harmonics Prostream 1000, Multiplexer (USED)

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Harmonics Prostream 1000, Multiplexer (USED)
Manufacturer: Harmonics
Model: Prostream 1000
Part number: R-PRM-1K-CHS-AC-1G-1L
Quantity: 1 unit in stock
Condition: USED
Description: Harmonics Prostream 1000, 1G, stream processing platform for Multiplexing and Scrambling. The unit comes with 2 x ASI cards and 1 x GbE IOM card.
Note – This unit does not have any ACE cards inside.
This multiplexer will work well as a standalone unit, for multiplexing and scrambling (if enabled) without the capability of statistical multiplexing.
*Additional Harmonic IOM-GBE-0002 GbE card with 2 x original copper SFP available @ EUR 660/each.
**Additional ASI cards also available @ Euro 250/each

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