Gibertini OP150, 1.5M Ku-band Rx Only Antenna (DEMO)

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Gibertini OP150, 1.5meterKu-band Rx Only Antenna (DEMO)
Manufacturer: Gibertini
Model: OP150
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Condition: Used (tested in perfect working condition)
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Description: Gibertini 1.5meter dish, perfectly as new. Demo -used one or two times for downlinking during demonstrations. Antenna gain is about 44dB(!) at 11.7GHz. There are mounting instructions with it, everything is 100% complete, but no LNC included. It takes any standard, consumer LNC, or whatever LNC/LNB the user wants. The dish is type OF150, made by manufacturer Gibertini. The reflector is in its own cardboard box with protective Styrofoam, about 1.6 x 1.6 meter. The rest is a stand plus the part the reflector connects to, all mounted on a palate, and the feed arm which holds the LNC. The total weight is ca. 24kg.