Ericsson AVP4000 Mpeg4 SD/HD Encoder (USED)

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Ericsson AVP4000 Mpeg4 SD/HD (4:2:0) Encoder
Manufacturer: Ericsson (Now MediaKind)
Model: AVP4000 Voyager
Quantity: 4 units in stock
Condition: USED (in perfect working condition)
Delivery: Immediate after receiving payment
Warranty: 90 days
Description: Ericsson AVP4000, MPEG2/4, SD & HD 4:2:0, full options, these units are with 1 x 9001 encoder cards (MPEG-4 HD 4:2:0) with capability to add 4 x 9001 cards (Max) and 1 x CE-X card, that will make it Mpeg 4 (4:2:2) capable, at additional cost.
License Sheet: AVP4000_151