Newtec MDM6000 DVB-S2X Satellite IP Modem (USED)

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Newtec MDM6000 DVB-S2X Satellite IP Modem
Manufacturer: Newtec
Model: MDM6000
Quantity: 2 units in stock
Condition: USED (in good working condition)
Delivery: immediate after receiving PO and payment
Description: MDM6000 / High Speed Satellite IP Modem with the following option(s):
Chassis Version 03
DVB RF Carrier Identifier
Internal Clock Ref Standard 10MHz
Major soft version R2
Outbound S2/S2 ext / S2X 30Mbit/s
Efficiency Optimisation Package DVB S2/S2Ext/S2X
L-Band with switchable 10MHz
Single PSU AC 100/240V
*Also available 2 x NOP1760 Bandwidth manager & shaper to go with these modems at additional cost