HP 8562A, Spectrum Analyzer 9KHz – 22GHz (USED)

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The HP 8562A/B High Performance Portable Spectrum Analyzer is a small, lightweight test instrument capable of measuring signals from -119.9 dBm to +30 dBm over a frequency range of 9 kHz to 22 GHz (Option 026: 9 lcHz to 26.5 GHz). The HP 8562A provides preselection from 2.75 to 22 GHz (Option 026: 2.75 to 26.5 GHz), while the HP 8562B is unpreselected. The frequency range of the analyzer can be extended, unpreselected, to 110 GHz using HP 11970 Series mixers and to 325 GHz using other commercially available mixers.

The HP 8562A/B is a complete, self-contained instrument that needs only an external AC power source for operation. An AC power cable, suitable for use in the country to which the analyzer is originally shipped, is included with the unit.

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