CPI 40W Ka-band BUC (NEW O.E.M)

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  • Robust CPI design and manufacturing, combined withplenty of thermal margin, results in a BUC that is rock-solid, highly efficient and easy to maintain.
  • Excellent AM/PM, phase noise and spectral regrowth performance.
  • User-friendly microprocessor-controlled logic with Ethernet computer interface and serial interface included as standard. Also contains digitally controlled attenuator. Redundant systems available.
  • Provides 20 watts of linear power over selected bandwidth from 500 to 1000 MHz within the 29 to 31 GHz band. An optional multi-band BUC is available that allows the user to switch among pre-selected frequency bands.
  • Perfect for Satcom on the Move, Micro Flyaway Systems, VSATs, and antenna-mount applications. MeetsElectromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC tosatisfy worldwide requirements and is CE-marked.
  • Backed by over 35 years of satellite communications experience, and CPI’sworldwide 24-hour customer support network that includes more than 20 regional factory service centers.