Advantech 13m C-Band Antenna A-Line Series (NEW O.E.M)

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Advantech 13m C-Band Antenna A-Line Series (NEW O.E.M)


The Advantech Wireless A-Line Series models 3913TCX, 13M antenna system, designed and manufactured with CAD, can be applied to the newly updated INTELSAT (IESS) standard earth station.

The antenna system consists of dual shaped Cassegrain reflectors, a frequency reuse feed network with corrugated horn, an elevation-over-azimuth limit motion kingpost pedestal. The backup structure for the reflector, the hub connecting the main reflector with mount and the pedestal provides the guaranteed pointing accuracy required in normal operation.

The main reflector diameter consists of 80 precision stretch formed aluminum panels riveted with the rings and radials in three rings.

Advantech Wireless A-Line Series antenna system is characteristic of high gain, low sidelobes, low cross polarization, capable for frequency reuse both in transmit and receive bands, high driving/control accuracy with angle position display in high resolution.

The radiation patterns meet the associated requirements of INTELSAT (IESS), FCC and CCIR for 2 degree spacing location of geostationary satellites.


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