At AI-SAT, we are committed to protect our environment and reduce carbon footprint in satellite industry. We encourage our clients and suppliers to seek continuous improvement in their daily work in order to be more environment friendly. By guiding them through implementation of right strategies and policies that comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. When it comes to green communication, we encourage our customers and suppliers to reuse, resell, repair, recycle and never just throw away…

Each year, equipment worth thousands and thousands of euros are taken out of shelves of running hubs and networks to collect dust in warehouses or are sent to be destroyed right away. Equipment that are in perfect working condition and can be used by other businesses or individuals with limited or low budget. Companies that do not have the luxury to buy new technology or most recent equipment can still use these equipment’s to upgrade and expand their businesses, their community, their region and even their country.

At AI-SAT we are determined to build partnerships in the satellite industry to revolutionize the way companies work and manage their assets. To make sure not one piece of equipment go waste and surplus assets could be put to appropriate use again. And while doing so, we make sure that this is not only just another medium of cash for our clients, but also guide them to perform responsible practises to fulfil their environmental duties. Our “green” environmental policies do not only reflect in our business model but it is also practiced in all aspects of our day to day work. From least possible use of paper to reuse of packing materials to arrange most cost effective and environment friendly transportation for our shipments.

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