With clients in over 60 countries worldwide,  AI-SAT is europe’s leading supplier of new & used satellite equipment, RF equipment, SNG/DSNG equipment, satellite broadcasting equipment, telecom and networking equipment. Along with hardware we also provide satellite bandwidth, system integration, teleport services, and installation services. Our mission is to improve your operating efficiencies by giving you a single source solution for all your satellite communication needs. Our solutions vary from providing just hardware, installation for a small VSAT terminals to compact transportable systems for quick deployment for bringing breaking news high quality video to the newsrooms to dismantling and building up complete teleports, earth stations and uplinks.

Our aim is to help our clients achieve the very best return on their investment by providing them with the best solutions at the best market value. Since 2007 we have executed projects and delivered solutions on time and above expectations in about 60 countries and counting…

Used Equipment:

Our main business is equipment reselling. We specialize in buying and selling used, refurbished & surplus satellite equipment. A leader in pre-owned sales, we hold one of the largest stocks of used satellite, VSAT, RF, & broadcasting equipment within Europe. All our equipment are tested and comes with a surety to work. Apart from our own stock, we also help our customers to add quantifiable value by remarketing equipment that passes our rigid testing and quality standards. This ensures that only the highest-quality equipment is sold to and from our customers. From racks to routers to modems to amplifiers, we can turn your surplus and not in use assets into working capital. We help our customers to improve cash flow and increase profitability by helping them with both processes of buying and selling valuable second-hand assets.

Upgrading technology platforms delivers results where there is demand for features and where the latest devices are needed. Meanwhile not all regions will require the same level of capital investment in new technology. AI-SAT is committed to allowing our partners to evolve technology as the market evolves, with the ability to support legacy and new systems, and without the pressure to swap or upgrade when the budget doesn’t justify it. We enable our customers to achieve a smooth upgrade path that corresponds to the demand for next generation services, without excessive capital expenditures.

New Equipment:

Not only with used equipment, AI-SAT is also a leading reseller/distributor of new satellite equipment. We represent industry’s best and most reputable manufacturers. We only carry systems and components from manufacturers that have proven market leadership and in field reliability.

Multi vendor strength:

Working in the multi-vendor model is more than just supplier management. When done well it brings real, significant, and long term benefit to those who do it, but only if they set out knowing what they are trying to achieve. AI-SAT provides a single-point-of-contact business model for procurement, logistics management, installation, maintenance and support of multivendor products in a network. Our system solution affords access to the best technical experts, processes and tools, while leveraging multi-vendor capabilities, developed internally and through third-party business partners and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationships.

Complete logistical support and management:

We provide complete logistical support and solutions to our customers. Door to Door or Port to Port deliveries, we manage and handle any size shipments to any location worldwide.

Product and Service Overview:

New and used hardware reselling, large stock of used satellite hardware for immediate dispatch, marketing, managing and reselling second hand assets, installation services, system integration, field maintenance, logistics management, engineer training, decommissioning, integration and optimization, Combining flexibility and cost competitiveness with multi-vendor technical skill, provide satellite bandwidth, teleport services, co-location & hosting services, satcom services, VSAT services.

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