Tiernan ABR202A Professional Audio Broadcast Receivers (USED)

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Tiernan ABR202A Professional Audio Broadcast Receivers (USED)
Manufacturer: Tiernan
Model: ABR202A
Quantity: 10 units in stock
Condition: USED (tested in perfect working condition)
Delivery: Immediate after receiving payment
Description: Tiernan ABR202A Professional Audio Broadcast Receivers

Product Description

The Tiernan ABR202A digital audio receiver is your solution for broadcasting audio by satellite. Applications include radio program and news distribution, point-of-purchase audio with advertising insertion, and data broadcast distribution. Compared to the ABR202, the ABR202A adds the following benefits:
__ Saves rack space by utilizing a 1RU chassis
__ Provides additional convenience with front panel, telnet and browser control
__ Upgrade to MCPC audio and IP data receiver
Along with CD-quality audio, each ABR202A outputs RS-232 or RS-422 asynchronous data, receiver control signals, and cue signals (relay closures).
The ABR202A receiver uses the ISO/MPEG Layer II compression algorithm, an industry standard with international support.
__ BPSK or QPSK operation at user-selectable data rates of 64, 96, 112, 128, 192, 256, or 384 kbps
__ Mono, dual-mono (stereo) or joint stereo modes
__ Quick channel access using SCPC/FDM allows quick, nearly transparent audio channel changes for receiving multiple channels
__ Addressable for complete configuration and operation from uplink via an in-band control channel
__ Control channel and remote control ports are 100% compatible with all Radyne ComStream audio network products
__ Relay control port with eight contact closures for control of downlink equipment, each relay independently controlled at the uplink
__ Seven TTL inputs for local channel changes and auxiliary equipment monitoring
__ Asynchronous RS-232 data port operating at speeds of 300 to 9600 baud, providing simultaneous audio and background data
__ Receiver operating software can be upgraded over the satellite link
__ Built-in performance monitoring and automatic fault reporting with optional external telco modem
__ Built-in audio, relay control, and data port diagnostics

Data Sheet: Tiernan ABR202a

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