Advantech 1.5 Meter Vehicle-Mount VSAT Antenna (NEW O.E.M)

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Advantech 1.5 Meter Vehicle-Mount VSAT Antenna (NEW O.E.M)



· VSAT or Broadcast Configuration
· Integrated Auto Locate Controller with Manual Override
· Auto Locate and Peak Features along with Handheld Control Unit
· Carbon Fiber Reflector
· Handcranks Included
· Low Profile and Space-Optimizing Stowed Configuration
· Designed for Boom Mounted Single Thread Integration
Packages up to 35 lbs
· Affordable SNG Applications
· Intelsat / FCC Compliant
· C Band and X Band Capable


The 1.5 Meter Vehicle-Mount VSAT Antenna from Advantech Wireless is designed to offer the end user affordable performance for VSAT or SNG applications in a compact design.

This antenna features an integrated auto-locate controller with manual override, carbon fiber composite reflector, handcranks, and an optional VSAT or low cross pol feed. The integrated control system includes a programmable digital video receiver capable of storing up to 10 satellite signposts that can be used to positively identify the satellite. Up to 35 lbs of payload can be mounted on the feedboom for multiple integration packages and options. High gain performance along with the precision surface and payload offer an optimum dB per dollar performance.

The antenna is designed to meet required Ku Band performance specifications for commercial applications.


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