Newtec AZ110 L-band DVB-S2 Modulator (USED)


Newtec AZ110 L-band DVB-S2 Modulator (USED)
Manufacturer: Newtec
Model: AZ110
Quantity: 1 unit in stock
Condition: USED (tested in perfect working condition)
Delivery: Immediate after receiving payment
Description: DVB-S/S2, QPSK/8PSK, 45Mbaud, ASI in, L-band out (950-1750)
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Product Description

The AZ110 is a state-of-the-art satellite modulator designed for broadcast contribution, DSNG and distribution applications over satellite in full compliance with the DVB standards. Depending on the applications and the activated features, the AZ110 can be used in conjunction with set-top boxes, professional IRDs or satellite demodulators such as the AZ910. In its default configuration, the AZ110 is capable of transmitting one MPEG transport stream in DVB-S, DVB-DSNG or DVB-S2 mode. The AZ110 allows automatic or manual selection between two ASI inputs and has dual ASI monitoring outputs.

For more details, please see data sheet: Newtec AZ110_Rev8

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