Advantech Integrated Receiver De-Encapsulator Router I-RDR (NEW)

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Advantech Integrated Receiver De-Encapsulator Router I-RDR (NEW)


· DVB-MPE (Multi Protocol Encapsulation)
· 4x 10/100/1000 Base-T
· 2x MPEG Multiplexer ASI Inputs + 2x MPEG Multiplexer ASI Outputs +2x Demodulator 1 ASI outputs + 2x Demodulator 2 ASI outputs
· De-Encapsulation of IP over MPEG/MPE traffic up to 80000 packets/sec with input Transport stream data rate up to 155Mbps
· Default promiscuous mode accepts all PID traffic
· Efficient bandwidth utilization via Section Packing and opportunistic data insertion
· Multicast traffic forwarding
· Performance monitoring and statistics via M&C Ethernet Port and Serial port and MIB
· Input and output alarm support
· VLAN support
· Routing: Static, Dynamic (RIP v2, OSPF v2)
· Services: DHCP client, server, NAT, CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol)
· AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting):
– Local users
– Packets filtering (firewall): level 2 and 3
– IP tunneling (IP over IP, GRE)
· With Transport Stream Forwarding
· Ability to Multiplex:
– Prioritized MPEG-TS from ASI Input (1 and/or 2)
– Opportunistic filling: MPE packets will replace idle MPEG-TS packets.
· Multi-TS
– PID-Filtering on ASI Inputs
· Static PID re-mapping for support of multiple transport streams
· Redundancy:
– 1:1 Redundancy support with automatic switchover
– Input and output alarm support
– Multiplex ASI Input where Configurable PID (Heartbeat) is present (default PID 40)


Advantech Wireless’ I-RDRIntegrated Receiver De-Encapsulator (I-RDR) is a state of the art, embedded, efficient and reliable solution for IP data and video reception through DVB and ATSC-based networks, supporting bit rates of up to 155Mbps. The I-RDR provides the link between broadband networks and IP, de-encapsulating of an MPEG-2 transport stream or DVB-MPE that is supplied by Demodulator from reception over the satellite, cable or terrestrial networks into IP packets to its Ethernet interface. The I-RDR complies with MPEG and DVB standards including DVB-S2 (EN 302307) satellite demodulation, with support for CCM/VCM/ACM.

The I-RDR includes a powerful and flexible multiplexer functionality. This feature provides for the multiplexing of up to two ASI streams, in addition to the de-encapsulated MPEG/MPE transport stream. Furthermore, each ASI input can be assigned a priority level, to ensure that higher priority streams are protected in the case of congestion. A heartbeat detection function, with a user definable PID, can also be enabled in order select the active stream from the two ASI inputs. This combined set of functionality­ provides an ideal solution.

The I-RDR includes 2 ASI outputs that can forward raw MPEG/MPE transport stream directly from its demodulator or forward MPEG/MPE transport stream from its MPEG multiplexer output, this feature enable the user monitoring option for its MPEG-TS reception.

The I-RDR embedded demodulator provides 3 ASI outputs that may multiplex 3 base-band streams based upon DVB-S2 Input Stream Identifier (ISI).

The I-RDR support of section packing and Flexible bandwidth allocation techniques including minimum guaranteed bandwidth, maximum peak bandwidth and priorities per route allow the operator full control over their provision of QoS and Service Level Agreements (SLA).

The I-RDR supports robust 1:1 redundancy architecture, and automatic hot switchover capabilities. The I-RDR also supports an alarm interface, providing relay contact closures to a redundancy switch in the case of a detected fault. In addition, an alarm input is provided which can be monitored to force switchover. The I-RDR is managed via an extensive SNMP interface and enhanced CLI. Configurations can be saved, as well as exported and imported, for simplified operations and maintenance.

The performance benefits, features and reliability of the I-RDR make it the ideal solution for a wide range of video and data reception systems, including VSAT hubs, enterprise networks and government communications.

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