Advantech S5420 DVB-S2 Point-to-Point VSAT Terminals (NEW)

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Advantech S5420 DVB-S2 Point-to-Point VSAT Terminals (NEW)


· DVB-S2 (CCM) transmit/receive with IP throughput up to 10Mbps (Optional 20Mbps)
· GUI-based control interface
· Easy-to-configure Ethernet connectivity LAN or Router
· On-board TCP and HTTP acceleration and data compression
· Application QoS and VoIP support
· VPN and accelerated VPN support (optional)
· VLAN support
· GPS input port
· Simple installation
· 19 inch, 1U rack mountable
· Low cost


Advantech Wireless S5420 VSAT terminals are DVB-S2 SCPC capable and provide Point-to-Point IP connectivity with industry leading performance at an extremely low price. They are optimized to achieve high-performance and quick response times for enterprise, service provider and governmental applications.

The terminal has been designed with all key IP features to fulfill professional needs. The 19-inch 1U rack mountable form factor makes it ideal for high end use. The S5420 supports DVB-S2 SCPC point-to-point operation, providing a two-way VSAT system with the high bandwidth efficiency of DVB-S2 in both directions.

The S5420 offers powerful IP connectivity directly to a LAN/WAN environment. It is an out-of-the-box, ready-to-go, cost-effective broadband solution, offering advanced IP features such as TCP and HTTP acceleration and on-board compression as well as optional accelerated VPN support. For DVB-S2 applications and for high end government, service provider and enterprise use, the S5420 allows the optimized use of satellite bandwidth. Designed to support unicast or multicast traffic up to 10Mbps (Optional 20Mbps), the S5420 is ideally suited for IP point to point DVB-S2 SCPC needs.

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Advantech S5420 DVB-S2 Point-to-Point VSAT Terminals  Advantech S5420 DVB-S2 Point-to-Point VSAT Terminals

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