Advantech S6040 Dual DVB-S2 Receiver (NEW O.E.M)

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Product Description

Advantech S6040 Dual DVB-S2 Receiver (NEW O.E.M)


· Dual DVB-S2 (CCM / VCM / ACM)) receiver/demodulator up to 155 Mbps with IP throughput up to 36 Mbps on each receiver/demodulator
· GUI-based control panel
· Easy-to-configure Ethernet connectivity to a PC, LAN or Router
· Easy and simple installation 19 inch, 1U rack mountable
· Low cost
· VPN and accelerated VPN support (optional)

Sample Applications:

Video Streaming, Content Distribution, Can be used in remote locations when Rx-Only operation is required, or within a central location when operating a point-to-multipoint SCPC network.

Sample Markets:
· Enterprise
· Governmental
· Service Provider/Network Operator


Advantech Wireless’ S6040 Dual Receive-Only terminals are DVB-S2 capable and provide one-way IP connectivity with industry leading performance at an extremely low price. They are optimized to achieve high-performance for enterprise, service provider & governmental applications.

The terminal has been designed with all key IP features to fulfill professional needs. Two independent DVB-S2 receivers are packaged in a 19-inch 1U rack mountable chassis, which makes it ideal for high end use. The S6040 supports DVB-S2 operation, providing a one-way system with the high bandwidth efficiency of DVB-S2. Perfect as the demodulator system for Advantech’s novel A-SATTM network solution.

The S6040 offers powerful connectivity directly to a LAN/WAN environment or to a host computer. A truly corporate solution, it is an out-of-the-box, ready-to-go, cost-effective broadband solution. For DVB-S2 applications and for high end government and enterprise use, the S6040 allows the optimized use of satellite bandwidth. Each of the two receivers are designed to support unicast or multicast traffic up to 155 Mbps on the DVB-S2 link, the S6040 is ideally suited for all DVB-S2 needs.

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Advantech S6040 Dual DVB-S2 Receiver  Advantech S6040 Dual DVB-S2 Receiver

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